Ambition and Growth

I had the privilege of being involved in the investing Women Ambition and Growth conference in Edinburgh this month.

Something rubs off on you when you spend the day with an impressive group of people who have positive energy and a determined outlook. I came away exhilarated and motivated, if a little exhausted.

Our dinner speaker was Kate Adie OBE and what an inspiration she was. I could have listened to her speak for much longer. Luckily we got to chat after dinner, or more accurately, I got to listen to her speak just a little bit more. Interesting and inspiring.

My main take aways from Kate’s stories? If you can drive a vehicle you can drive most vehicles, and at the end of the day come together as a group, share food, and talk about your day.

International Women’s Day Pledge for Parity

It is just over a week until International Women’s Day and the West Lothian Women in Business annual event at Oracle. I feel that this event is the highlight of the WLWiB event calendar. I love the positive energy in the room and how inspired I am on hearing everyone’s story.

During the event this year we get to hear from two enterprising ladies who will tell us their business stories and how leadership has played an important part in their journey. Everyone will have the opportunity to develop their own thoughts, through round table discussion, designed to encourage us to tap into our individual strengths.

Read more about this year’s event on LinkedIn …

Embrace the Near Win

Watching Sarah Lewis’ Ted talk on embracing the ‘near win’ has starting me thinking about failure. Failure is such a negative term, so if I change the way I perceive it and see at as not quite winning, or not quite ‘getting there’ will this change the way I approach the task the next time I attempt it? Will I be more inclined to try again, in the hope that I do better?

[ted id=1978]

image : tomfkemp

Just 3 Minutes – Great Ted Talks for Limited Time

Sometimes personal development takes a back seat when other tasks take priority.

At those times I like to find short TED talks that provide motivation, information or inspiration.

Here are a selection of great 3 minute talks when time is short.

Matt Cutts: Try something new for 30 days
[ted id=1183]

Mark Bezos: A life lesson from a volunteer firefighter
[ted id=1096] Continue reading “Just 3 Minutes – Great Ted Talks for Limited Time”

Youtube Advertising Done Right – Sony Xperia Z2 Choreography

I love it when advertisers get it right with their YouTube adverts. If you can make a video catch a viewer’s attention in the first three seconds, and then keep it for the length of the ad, you’ve done your job well.

I saw an ad today that did just that. The Sony Xperia Z2 advert using Michael Jackson ‘Slave to the Rhythm’ shows a choreographer getting inspiration from street dancer.

Now, it may be biased because I love dance, but this was so good I can’t even remember the main video I went to view!

Viewing Headers in Outlook 2010

This is a quick post to share how to view email headers in Outlook 2010 without opening the email. I often wish to check the headers of an email to confirm the legitimacy before opening it. I can understand Microsoft removing this option from the right click menu, it isn’t user friendly data, but they could do with providing a little more help in accessing what was a very useful function.

  • Customize Quick Access Tool Bar using the drop down arrow located top left.
  • Quick Access
  • Select ‘More Commands’
  • Choose Commands from ‘All Commands’
  • Scroll down and select ‘Message Options’ from list
  • Hit ‘Add’ button
  • Hit ‘OK’

These steps will add the Message Options to the Quick access tool bar and will allow header details to be viewed without opening an email.

Thanks to Joe IT for this method.

New Look with WordPress 3.8

When a major upgrade of a system is released there is a little bit of excitement about what I’m going to see along with just a little trepidation that the system will make unwanted changes or will disappoint by not making many changes at all.

Launched today WordPress 3.8 brings a new theme, which I quite like, an updated layout for administering widgets, which I’m not sure I like (fewer columns means further to drag and drop) and responsive administration, which I love!

I’m disappointed that there wasn’t just a little bit more change but look forward to playing with the new admin interface. Maybe this will encourage a more active feed!

Coffee Corner, Watching the World go by

Waiting to for the bus to reach its stop I wondered how long ago it was that I had headed into my old university. How often I crossed the road at Holy Corner, turning down Colinton Road to campus. That was my life for three years, my focus, and I couldn’t see much further than the next assignment or exam.

10 years on, I’ve moved on and so has campus. Meeting a friend of coffee the corridors seems quiet and the building had changed, but not changed. We didn’t stay in the student café but instead went along to the (new?) Starbucks. My student loan may not have lasted long if that had been there 10 years ago. There is now the choice of coffee though, as it seems ‘Holy corner’ has become ‘Coffee corner’ with a Costa on the other side of the road. Is coffee the new student drink of choice? But on such a beautiful day who can blame them for sitting outside watching the world go by.

10 years. It goes by so quickly!