New Look with WordPress 3.8

When a major upgrade of a system is released there is a little bit of excitement about what I’m going to see along with just a little trepidation that the system will make unwanted changes or will disappoint by not making many changes at all.

Launched today WordPress 3.8 brings a new theme, which I quite like, an updated layout for administering widgets, which I’m not sure I like (fewer columns means further to drag and drop) and responsive administration, which I love!

I’m disappointed that there wasn’t just a little bit more change but look forward to playing with the new admin interface. Maybe this will encourage a more active feed!

The WordPress iPad App

Some times you just have to spend a few minutes exploring the technology you have at your finger tips. There are so many emerging technologies, gadgets and gizmos available that it can be a little overwhelming. But have you made the most of the gadgets that you already have.

If you have an iPad like I have, it is highly unlikely that you are using this to its full potential. Some times a few minutes exploring the app store or Top 10 app lists will find you a gem.

As you’ve probably guessed that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing for the last 10 minutes as a break from work.

And I’ve found an array of apps that look useful, funny or simply intriguing, including the WordPress app. This will surely make it easier for me to post in my spare time. From what I’ve seen so far this should be in regular use. Time will tell.

You know you’re busy when…

You know you’re busy when your blog hasn’t been updated in months. Other pressures take your time away from your blog and it’s difficult to fit in time to put together new posts.

I have faced this problem over the last few months and need some way to keep my blog active and current. So in a snatched 5 minutes I’ve mapped out how I might go about this.

I’m not sure I’ll use all of these, but the aim is to keep the blog up to date. Otherwise, what’s this point of it being here?

  • Write more than one piece at a time
  • Break topics into sections
  • Use scheduled posting to cover multiple posts
  • Use empty time
    • Bus
    • Train
    • In the bath/shower
  • Waiting for…
    • Meetings
    • Kettle to boil
    • Bath to run
  • Carry a note pad or just use what ever is handy – Napkin, Cigarette packet
  • Dictaphone
  • Audi boo?
  • Write a big long list – mind dump ideas – Order them – Expand in stages i.e. structure first, filler later
  • Read more – Use link backs to other blogs of interest –
  • Expand on others points
  • Reply to others points and comments (if appropriate)
  • Use guest writers – (but be careful and be honest)

Pain is a WordPress upgrade, Love is finishing it!

The WordPress update has been calling me to action for a while now. This week I finally got round to making a start and with 5 blogs to update I thought I’d take it a step at a time. It’s late on Friday now. I haven’t spent the week with my head in WordPress, but it sure feels like it.
I can say that I’ve learnt a few things.

  1. Before upgrading make sure you backup your image files. The default location for me was in the content folder and I lost a few on transfer.
  2. To change from the default permalink settings you must have a writable .htaccess file uploaded
  3. To permanently redirect permalinks so you don’t lose inbound links use a migration plugin.
  4. Find out when the next release will be or else you’ll find you go through the pain of your first upgrade only to find they’ve release a new version the next day!

Through the pain I have leart alot about managing my WP blogs so I’m really quite content, if just a little brain dead. And I’ve just realised I’m writing this in a blogspot blog. Go Figure!

Tweet, tweet

Band wagons come and band wagons go.
I mostly fail to jump.
This week I have tentively stepped up the the precipice,
I have decided to give the tweet a go.

Chirpy, Chirpy, Tweet, Tweet!

Anyone know how it get your twitter feed onto blogger?

Suddenly Reminded

Just got my first junk mail through my personal website (still deciding where to keep my blog) and that triggered my memory about this place. Although if I can’t keep this updated once in a while how the hell am i going to keep my own site updated! Quite shocking really.

Busy with work at the moment and I’m wanting to clear up a lot of small bits of work to concentrate on the big project starting next week. Keeping busy, so can’t complain:o)