Ambition and Growth

I had the privilege of being involved in the investing Women Ambition and Growth conference in Edinburgh this month.

Something rubs off on you when you spend the day with an impressive group of people who have positive energy and a determined outlook. I came away exhilarated and motivated, if a little exhausted.

Our dinner speaker was Kate Adie OBE and what an inspiration she was. I could have listened to her speak for much longer. Luckily we got to chat after dinner, or more accurately, I got to listen to her speak just a little bit more. Interesting and inspiring.

My main take aways from Kate’s stories? If you can drive a vehicle you can drive most vehicles, and at the end of the day come together as a group, share food, and talk about your day.

Just 3 Minutes – Great Ted Talks for Limited Time

Sometimes personal development takes a back seat when other tasks take priority.

At those times I like to find short TED talks that provide motivation, information or inspiration.

Here are a selection of great 3 minute talks when time is short.

Matt Cutts: Try something new for 30 days

Mark Bezos: A life lesson from a volunteer firefighter

Terry Moore: How to tie your shoes

Kamal Meattle: How to grow fresh air

Laura Trice: Remember to say thank you

Richard St. John: 8 secrets of success

Early One Morning

Snow covered treesThis was the view at my early morning meeting on Wednesday. We are now at the end of March and still waking up to snow. Snowflakes come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Complex shapes emerge as the flake moves through differing temperature and humidity regimes, such that individual snowflakes are nearly unique in structure. Very much like snowflakes humans are each very different depending on the route we have followed and the environment that we have passed through.


SING with Annie Lennox

I remember in the 80’s the Tombstone advert alerting us all to the risk of AIDS. For a 15 year old girl with little life experience it had an impact, it raised awareness and I have to say it installed quite a bit of fear. And wasn’t that the aim? Maybe not to install the fear, but to raise awareness and understanding? I’m not sure I can claim too much understanding at the time, but awareness, definatly.

Today, while watching Sky News I listened to Annie Lennox talking about World Aids Day (WAD). Today is the 20th anniversary of the first WAD. This is one day a year when we are asked to focus on the issue of AIDS. In her usual unassuming way Annie Lennox gets her message across. I am reminded of the clips of her trips to Africa so thought I’d see if I could find them online. My search took me to – the SING Campaign for HIV/AIDS women and children in Africa.

Sing my sisters, sing
Let your voice be heard
What won’t kill you will
make you strong
Sing my sisters, sing

Raising Funds, Raising Awareness, Raising Hope

I am inspired by Lynn McNicoll. I met her during 2006, the year she challenged herself to raise £50,000 for Teenage Cancer Trust. By the end of the year she had raised over £54,000 and is still going.

The aim now is to raise funds to build an age appropriate unit for teenage cancer sufferers and The Western General in Edinburgh.

Each time I read about what Lynn is doing or about the young people’s stories I am moved. So I plan to see how I can help, to look at what connections and opportunities I have that could benefit this cause.

I’ll keep you posted.

My Life Muses

Our lives are full of inspiration. Without this inspiration where would we be? In a room, alone, inactive, unfulfilled.

Many things inspire me but not all motivate me. Some I don’t remember, others scare me, sometimes I just want to sit in that room, alone.

I think I’ll take note of those little bits of inspiration and hope to be more motivated

The Empress

I am The Empress.

The Empress is a maternal symbol. She is the mother figure who loves, nurtures and protects. She will protect you, she will always be there when you are in trouble. When you fall over and graze your knee, the Empress will kiss it better. Yet she is not a weak figure. Her compassion is strength. If her children are threatened she will stop at nothing to protect them. If well aspected in a Tarot spread, the Empress can symbolise security, protection and unconditional love. If badly aspected it can represent over-protectiveness, fear of risk taking and refusal to face the real world.

III – The Empress
XI: Justice
VI: The Lovers
XIX: The Sun
I – Magician
II – The High Priestess
>XIII: Death
XV: The Devil
X – Wheel of Fortune
0 – The Fool
XVI: The Tower
IV – The Emperor
VIII – Strength

Which Major Arcana Tarot Card Are You?