A friendship in space and time

Loving friendship formed
In another space or time
Could have been for us

This time is limiting us
Space, a gaping barrier

Loving friendship formed
This time is limiting us
Yet still we are friends

Still, we are a thought away
Relax, breathe, smile. You are loved

The Power of Advertising. Superbowl XLV

Ok, so we get to see the game but don’t get to see the adverts.

That’s a shame really as there were some really good ads shown during the Superbowl in the US yesterday.

Here are few that made me laugh.

Marge Simpson is a Cheese head!

What would you change the game to?


Best line in an advert ever – “I can finally stop walking through the drive-through window.”


I Cried Laughing – My Blackberry Is Not Working!

My Blackberry Is Not Working! – The One Ronnie, Preview – BBC One

One of Britain’s most enduring and best-loved comics, Ronnie Corbett, turned 80 in December 2010. In this brand new comedy sketch show, the octogenarian comic legend appears alongside some of the biggest names in British comedy, in sketches featuring everything from a superannuated super-hero to a stage-struck dog. Add in a sprinkling of one-liners and a brand new Ronnie monologue in the famous chair for the must-see comedy of the festive season.

The One Ronnie on 17.10 BBC1, Christmas Day 2010

I cried laughing – this kind of humour is timeless.

Word of Tomorrow: Voluptuous

Voluptuous is an adjective
1 relating to or characterized by luxury or sensual pleasure. (I did not know this)
2 (of a woman) curvaceous and sexually attractive.

It’s derivatives are voluptuously (adverb) and voluptuousness (noun).
It’s origin is the Latin voluptuosus, from voluptas ‘pleasure’.

Xujiahui and Modern Religion

Our hotel was located in Xujiahui. Wikipedia translates this to “Xu’s junction” – or, more precisely, “property of Xu family at the junction of two rivers”. The “Xu family” refers to the family of Xu Guangqi , China’s most notable Catholic convert. This would explain the location of St. Ignatius Cathedral…

… and the location of the Office of Catholic Church in Shanghai. (See this veiw taken from our hotel).

As I walked around the quiet, cool space I came to the chapel for Mary, The Mother of Christ. Sitting on one of the few pews facing the chapel was a Chinese woman in prayer. Approaching behind her I noticed she was speaking aloud and tried to walk as quietly as possible so as not to disturb. (Does verbal prayer make one more devout?) As I passed she became more animated in her ‘prayer’ and as I took a final look I noticed the mobile telephone held to her ear.

Religion in the 21st century?

The Roman Catholic Church in China is considered illegal with an estimated 8 million Catholics following the church underground. (Wikipedia)