How to move the newsletter subscription block to the footer in Magento 1.4

The Magento 1.4 update provides an effective way of modifying themes that keeps changes separate from the default files through the use of the layout.xml. This allows for layout changes to be kept in one location. For a full explanation of this see ‘The better way to modify Magento layout“.

Classy Llama’s article provided the answer on how to move the newsletter signup from its position in the left column (within the blank theme) to the footer. Continue reading “How to move the newsletter subscription block to the footer in Magento 1.4”

Adobe Contribute and Google Analytics Code Don’t play Nice

The standard Google Analytics code contains auto-detection for HTTP/HTTPS. Unfortunately Adobe contribute enforces a level of XHTML compliance that exceeds the level built into the Analytics code causing corruption of the HTML, leaving “)); at the bottom of a page after it has been edited.

The solution to this is to remove the auto-detection and document.write. Read the Analytics Help Forum Archive for more details.

PHP Redirect

Place at the top of the code before any item has been sent to browser –




‘header( ‘Location:’ ) ‘




(obviously taking out the ” and joining relevant items – I’ll work out how to display code one day, just not this day!)

Faulty Feet

How very random.

I’ve just completed a website redesign and uploaded the files onto the new server, tidied up some of the code, tested and checked that my css was working correctly. during this process I find that my background image is peaking out below the footer image causing a silly white block at the bottom of my page. This was only in IE; firefox and Safari were fine.

After a line by line check between the working build page and the faulty page I noticed a single difference – the position of a comment.

Correct page looked like this

Faulty page looked like this

Who would have thought a simple comment placement could have made so much difference.