Holding off on IE 8

I’ve been holding off installing Internet Explorer 8

Why? Well firstly I like to give new software a chance to grow before rushing in. There are enough high tech takers out there who will go through a little pain to make sure they have the latest and greatest as quickly as possible. They will be the first users that will identify the problems that I might face and highlight strengths and weaknesses before I go through a process that will inevitably interrupt my work flow.

As a web designer I need to ensure that I can test websites on the previous versions of IE. My current testing environment uses IE 7 on Vista with Virtual Machine offering IE 7 XP and IE 6. I can also test IE 5.5 when I’m flush with time (I stopped testing for IE 5 last year). Before removing IE7 as my main IE browser I must upgrade my testing environment. Only then can I install IE 8. And before you ask why aren’t I testing IE 8 already – I am. @dazzaontheroad has been on IE 8 since RC1 (you can read his thoughts on IE 8 here).

So with the launch of IE 8 I have at least one more item to add to the to-do list