Keyterms and Metatags

This month Matt Cutts talked about how Google doesn’t use the keyword meta tag in web search.

After watching this video someone came to me and was quite surprised “Did you know that google doesn’t use the meta tag in its search algorithm?”

Well… Yes, I did know. This is not latest news. Google haven’t used key terms for a while.

But that doesn’t mean that they are not useful and that identifying them is not a key stage in your website design and SEO. I work with my clients to get a good understanding of their potential visitors through a few techniques that include identifying how they think and what they will query when they sit in front of a search engine.

These terms are then used within copy and the code. These will also make up a basis for AdWord terms.

So just because Google isn’t using the keyword meta tag, don’t dismiss the process of identifying your key terms.