Pain is a WordPress upgrade, Love is finishing it!

The WordPress update has been calling me to action for a while now. This week I finally got round to making a start and with 5 blogs to update I thought I’d take it a step at a time. It’s late on Friday now. I haven’t spent the week with my head in WordPress, but it sure feels like it.
I can say that I’ve learnt a few things.

  1. Before upgrading make sure you backup your image files. The default location for me was in the content folder and I lost a few on transfer.
  2. To change from the default permalink settings you must have a writable .htaccess file uploaded
  3. To permanently redirect permalinks so you don’t lose inbound links use a migration plugin.
  4. Find out when the next release will be or else you’ll find you go through the pain of your first upgrade only to find they’ve release a new version the next day!

Through the pain I have leart alot about managing my WP blogs so I’m really quite content, if just a little brain dead. And I’ve just realised I’m writing this in a blogspot blog. Go Figure!