Raising Funds, Raising Awareness, Raising Hope

I am inspired by Lynn McNicoll. I met her during 2006, the year she challenged herself to raise £50,000 for Teenage Cancer Trust. By the end of the year she had raised over £54,000 and is still going.

The aim now is to raise funds to build an age appropriate unit for teenage cancer sufferers and The Western General in Edinburgh.

Each time I read about what Lynn is doing or about the young people’s stories I am moved. So I plan to see how I can help, to look at what connections and opportunities I have that could benefit this cause.

I’ll keep you posted.

One thought on “Raising Funds, Raising Awareness, Raising Hope

  1. lynne says:

    thank you for such kind words about my fundraising but you know, once you have met any teenager who has had or still has cancer, you realise the fundraising part is the easy part. The treatments they go through are often long and horrible. We simply have to get better facilities for them while undergoing these treatments and make a hideous time for them just a tiny bit better. I LOVE my work and the people I meet and look at what we have all achieved! our first unit at the Sick Kids. Thank you so so much for helping me raise funds and awareness for the next stage!!!
    I also blog now (not quite as interesting as yours is but I am learning!)
    Finding your blog has made my day.

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