Raven Faye

I was born 90 years ago of a human girl lost on Orion’s Belt Buckle. She chanced upon a sacred glade and was lain by The Elven Lord into whose territory she strayed. I was the product of that miraculous night, in a magical time, on that mysterious world. After my mother passed the elves of the buckle learned of my parentage and shunned me, looking on me with contempt for the humanity within me, turning me out of the land in which I grew.

Searching for a place with meaning I used my stealth and intelligence to stow aboard a transport ship in refit. But alas I was discovered and forced to forfeit all my worldly goods, along with unworldly favours, to retain passage. When the crew had tired of my body and mind I was dumped, most unceremoniously, in a small wood by the river plym.

Since then I have been living off what the land has to provide (and what can be surreptitiously taken from unsuspecting passers by).