One Sparkling Night

Sometimes I wonder where the days go. Its February already and the snow has come. Whatever happened to January? Did I blink and miss it?

The highlight of January for me, and really the only thing I can remember from last month, was the Nepal Trust Burn Night Ceilidh. Absolute sparkling night! We had the obligatory haggis, neeps and tatties at home before a night of dancing and poetry.

Next Ceilidh is near the end of Feb.
Bring it on!

SING with Annie Lennox

I remember in the 80’s the Tombstone advert alerting us all to the risk of AIDS. For a 15 year old girl with little life experience it had an impact, it raised awareness and I have to say it installed quite a bit of fear. And wasn’t that the aim? Maybe not to install the fear, but to raise awareness and understanding? I’m not sure I can claim too much understanding at the time, but awareness, definatly.

Today, while watching Sky News I listened to Annie Lennox talking about World Aids Day (WAD). Today is the 20th anniversary of the first WAD. This is one day a year when we are asked to focus on the issue of AIDS. In her usual unassuming way Annie Lennox gets her message across. I am reminded of the clips of her trips to Africa so thought I’d see if I could find them online. My search took me to – the SING Campaign for HIV/AIDS women and children in Africa.

Sing my sisters, sing
Let your voice be heard
What won’t kill you will
make you strong
Sing my sisters, sing

Raising Funds, Raising Awareness, Raising Hope

I am inspired by Lynn McNicoll. I met her during 2006, the year she challenged herself to raise £50,000 for Teenage Cancer Trust. By the end of the year she had raised over £54,000 and is still going.

The aim now is to raise funds to build an age appropriate unit for teenage cancer sufferers and The Western General in Edinburgh.

Each time I read about what Lynn is doing or about the young people’s stories I am moved. So I plan to see how I can help, to look at what connections and opportunities I have that could benefit this cause.

I’ll keep you posted.

Comfortably Numb

I’m on a (slow) journey to fitness, to be healthy of mind, body and spirit.

On the physical side I have learnt that I must change my daily routine and challenge myself.

The challenge for September is to cycle the 50 miles from Glasgow to Edinburgh with Pedal for Scotland. Eeeek!

I’m raising money for SAMH ( and a group of us have set up a donations page at Justgiving if you would like to offer support.

Moral support is also welcome!