Nuke the Sucker!

There’s always one line, one little pixel shift, one image out of position when I’m modifying CSS. It’s shifty, sly, slime and downright stressful!

So I say “Nuke the Sucker!”

  • Duplicate both the html and css file. I like to call the duplicate files nuke.html and nuke.css, just so I remember I’m about to totally annihilate some code.
  • Begin removing non-essential code from the css file checking each time you remove something to see whether removing the code has removed the issue.
  • Once you’ve identified the location of the issue you can start looking for or working on a solution.You still need to find the issue but the process of locating it in the process provides a great avenue for stress release.

What a difference a shave makes!

1 pixel is all it took to make the rain fall. Long and hard it fell today as I searched for the answer to my question, ‘Why does my back ground shift to the left in either Firefox or IE?’ I could fix the problem in one, the other would then come undone.

It seems that all browsers handle centering background images differently. Another Hunter raised the question and then found the answer to the problem at freewaytalk.

What a difference a shave makes!

The excitment of it all!

Just got my Amazon order through. God am i excited. I want the world to stop turning so that I can sit and read for a week. Solid.

Not going to happen though is it. I’m mean, world stops turing and we all stop staying attracted to the earth and go flying off into outerspace. extreme – but you know what i mean.

Back to the books. my wish list has had the Zen of CSS book by Dave Shea and Molly e. Holzschlag on it since i heard it was about to be published in the UK. The website that started it all ( is fantastic and taught me not only how to use cascading style sheets but also that there is no limit to the creativity that can be appliad to a standards compliant website. It’s helped me up my game.

So the book came today, along with designing with web standards, Jeffrey Zeldman (see this book everywhere) and cascading sytle sheets 2.0 programmer’s reference, Eric Meyer (thank the lord for amazon and it’s add on selling!). So there’s four names that really are synonimous with webdesign now-a-days. I’m pretty sure these books are going to be fantastic. Flicking through them I really do believe they were the right combination to buy. Lets just hope I get the time to read them.

I’ll keep you posted.