Flash Mob – Edinburgh 2009

I love to dance (even though I’m pretty lame) so I’m gutted I’ve only just heard about the Just Dance flash mob in Edinburgh this week.

Davina McCall will be in Princess Street Gardens on Friday 9th at 11am and is calling on the general public to perform two routines by choreographer, Ashley Wallen.

Dancing, Edinburgh and Davina McCall – what a combination!

If I didn’t have so much work and so many meetings planned I’d have changed my Edinburgh day to Friday and dragged out my leg warmers and head band!

For more info on Just Dance and the Flash Mob visit sky.com – http://sky1.sky.com/just-dance (airs early 2010)

Today is Social Enterprise Day.

I wasn’t aware of this until I read the press release letting me know that Mark Lazarowicz MP (Member of Parliament for Edinburgh North and Leith) was visiting The Melting Pot. I was sitting in The Melting Pot at the time.

In case you’ve not heard of The Melting Pot it’s a not-for-profit social enterprise that aims to ‘inspire and support people to realise their ideas for a better world’.

Reading the release as Mark left I realised many people might not be clear on what ‘social enterprise’ means.

The press release has the following to say

Social enterprises are businesses working towards a double-bottom line – as well as profits, they chase social or environmental change – and most of their profits go straight back into the business itself or the community it works in.

And some stats

There are 55,000 social enterprises in the UK with a combined turnover of £27 billion. Social enterprises account for 5% of all businesses with employees and contribute £8.4 billion per year to the UK economy.

Not bad for people who aren’t interested in the bottom line.

Links of interest on Social Enterprise

The Melting Pot

Social Enterprise at ikipedia.org

The Social Enterprise Coalition

Comfortably Numb

I’m on a (slow) journey to fitness, to be healthy of mind, body and spirit.

On the physical side I have learnt that I must change my daily routine and challenge myself.

The challenge for September is to cycle the 50 miles from Glasgow to Edinburgh with Pedal for Scotland. Eeeek!

I’m raising money for SAMH (www.samh.org.uk) and a group of us have set up a donations page at Justgiving if you would like to offer support.

Moral support is also welcome!

Put down the anger and get out of the box!

It’s like some super charged anger machine. You get inside and it feeds you with anger from every side. you can’t get away until you find that parking space. Easier said than done!

Yesterday. Driving into the city. Cars swirling all around me. Those bloody greenways lanes. “Keep out until 4.30” they shout. “It’s 4.15” I shout. I stay out. wouldn’t be done to drive in the greenway. Stop at traffic light. Car in front is indicating that he will move into the greenway. I’m indicating that I’ll move into the greenway. Woman drive up on the left of us both IN THE GREENWAY! As the queues pull away from the lights does she let us move into the, now non-greenways lane?

No, of course not. Stupid, ignorant, selfish, arrogant, bitch (pardon my french, Mother). We’ve all got to get somewhere. We’re all moving in the same direction. Our hearts are all pumping the same. Our lungs are all breathing the same (bus polluted?) air. Why, oh, why, oh why?

Oooh, it makes me angry again just thinking about it.

But… the thing is, it was just a small little thing really. Like someone standing on your toe, or a door closing before you can reach it. So why the anger, and why the french? (My passenger actually held on to the handle above his door.) It’s the fact that I was in that super charged anger machine. Plain and simple. no other explanation. (Apart from the PMT and the stress at work?) Evil little boxes that don’t let the air around you move, and don’t let the energy go anywhere but around your head.

I parked the car and got out. Took a deep breath. And relax.

If only I could ride my bike…