Valencia. A Boring Procession

I enjoy watching Formula One Racing and am a huge supporter of Jensen Button.

The Canadian Grand Prix started slowly for me and I truly thought we would be in for a pretty dull race. However wet conditions can often be relied on to provide a little excitement and excitement is what we got. Hamiltion nearly took webber out followed, which was shortly followed by Hamilton nearly taking button out (you can see a pattern here). Follow this with 2 hours of red flag filler including ornithology and meteorology and the evening began to get exciting. After multiple pit stops JB was at the back of the race but nothing was going to hold him up. After passing 14 cars in the last 5 laps he managed to put the pressure on Vettel and force an error. Going wide Vettel lost control for an instant and that gave JB the win. Over 5 hours of programming for 2 hours of racing. Excellent Sunday night television.

Fast forward 2 weeks and we are now watching the European GP. A boring procession. The random red shouldered North American bird at Montréal was much more exciting than this! No racing at all bar JB passing Rosburg early on; if you blinked you might have missed it.

Hoping that Silverstone will be just a little more interesting.