Love and Pestilence

I’m pretty useless at the moment and have spent the last week feeling very sorry for myself. Why did God give us the common cold? What was the point of this? Did he sit there on day 6 and think ‘I’ve got a few minutes before shift end – what can I add to this mix of mine for a bit of fun? I’ve got my Love, Joy and Happiness and with War, Death and Pestilence I’ve evened the score. I know what – just for a laugh I’ll add a few little germs that won’t do anyone any harm but will be really irritating. There, glad that’s settled, now I’m off to the pub!’

Needless to say I’ve achieved very little in the last week but pass the blame between God and his germs, cussing and blaspheming as I go.

The Weekend Away

Feet hurt and ankle twinge. A weekend away, walking and talking.
Skimming pebbles on the water’s top. Fun to be with the crowd and fun
to sit on my own. Joyous.

So Tired!

Why is it so difficult to sleep? Millions of images flash before my
eyes during my waking hours. is it any wonder that I take them to my
bed. Do I let myself figure it all out or am I bombarding my brain with
the unnecessary?

For someone who lives in front of a computer shouldn’t I at least try
to avoid the other animated boxes. I have people in MY world. why
should I need to watch other peoples lives through the box in my living

Note to self: Self, get a life!