London Calling

Watching the Olympics closing ceremony this weekend I was intrigued as to how London would present itself. When Mr Johnson stood side by side with the Chinese and Olympic delegates I have to admit that I was slightly embarrassed. Surely the Mayoral office has the name of a good tailor! But then the presentation started and I was impressed.

The video used iconic visuals to show a fast paced, modern city, the dance segment pulled together characters from London society and presented them through a well choreographed piece of modern dance and the music pulled in the London soundscape in a really interesting way. I was thrilled to hear snatches of ‘This is London’, the radio pips and Jerusalem along with the Top of the Pops theme, which I have been informed was a Led Zeppelin ‘tune’. Leona Lewis is purported to be our biggest current musical export (?) and is also London born, so although I may not fully agree with the choice I can understand it.

I’ve read a few blog comments on this and I think we need to remember that the target for this piece was not the Londoners/English/British viewers but the billions that were watching from around the world. Without being too stereotypical how would you demonstrate the modern city in such a vibrant way and in only 8 minutes?

To view the video visit the London 2012 Blog