Throwing the First Stone

I think that I’m just too old now to listen to Radio 1. I like to listen to the DJs in the most part but some of the music is getting irritating. With BBC podcasts married to my iPod I can get the best of both worlds. It also means I can listen to a more mind expanding station like Radio 4.

Early on Saturday morning I was listening to an article on Jesus’ remark about the stoning of an adulteress (John 8:1-11). It was a short piece and was followed immediately with a piece on personal data lost by a government contractor.Listening to these pieces back to back sparked a thought about how the media seems to sit either in the role of celebrant – preening and flattering the newest pet celebrity – or in the role of judge, jury and hangman, all rolled into one, attacking a person, organisation or standpoint.

Should we draw a line before the media and say ‘He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone’?