SING with Annie Lennox

I remember in the 80’s the Tombstone advert alerting us all to the risk of AIDS. For a 15 year old girl with little life experience it had an impact, it raised awareness and I have to say it installed quite a bit of fear. And wasn’t that the aim? Maybe not to install the fear, but to raise awareness and understanding? I’m not sure I can claim too much understanding at the time, but awareness, definatly.

Today, while watching Sky News I listened to Annie Lennox talking about World Aids Day (WAD). Today is the 20th anniversary of the first WAD. This is one day a year when we are asked to focus on the issue of AIDS. In her usual unassuming way Annie Lennox gets her message across. I am reminded of the clips of her trips to Africa so thought I’d see if I could find them online. My search took me to – the SING Campaign for HIV/AIDS women and children in Africa.

Sing my sisters, sing
Let your voice be heard
What won’t kill you will
make you strong
Sing my sisters, sing