Coffee Corner, Watching the World go by

Waiting to for the bus to reach its stop I wondered how long ago it was that I had headed into my old university. How often I crossed the road at Holy Corner, turning down Colinton Road to campus. That was my life for three years, my focus, and I couldn’t see much further than the next assignment or exam.

10 years on, I’ve moved on and so has campus. Meeting a friend of coffee the corridors seems quiet and the building had changed, but not changed. We didn’t stay in the student café but instead went along to the (new?) Starbucks. My student loan may not have lasted long if that had been there 10 years ago. There is now the choice of coffee though, as it seems ‘Holy corner’ has become ‘Coffee corner’ with a Costa on the other side of the road. Is coffee the new student drink of choice? But on such a beautiful day who can blame them for sitting outside watching the world go by.

10 years. It goes by so quickly!