Embrace the Near Win

Watching Sarah Lewis’ Ted talk on embracing the ‘near win’ has starting me thinking about failure. Failure is such a negative term, so if I change the way I perceive it and see at as not quite winning, or not quite ‘getting there’ will this change the way I approach the task the next time I attempt it? Will I be more inclined to try again, in the hope that I do better?

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image : tomfkemp


How can give myself to you fully if you don’t let me in?
How can we truly experience this together with this barrier between us?
It frustrates me.
And oh how I hate to be frustrated!

Where do I want to be?

Ok, so I need to make a plan. And to make a plan I need to work out
where I want to be.

Let’s look at this in a positive light. If I can work out where I want
to be, i can make a plan to get there. With a plan to get there I will
be more focused on life, more proactive and hopefully more successful
in what I do. That the hope, anyway.

And why shouldn’t it work? i know that if I have a plan, or list of
steps to take I can make them one at a time – taking things slowly.
I’ve already experienced how taking small steps will get you to your
destination – I just need to put that into practice on a regular basis.
Make it habit.

May be that should be my first list item – get into the habit?

Ah, but am I starting to jump the gun a bit – I still don’t have a clue
where I’m headed and that was the first task.

(I’m going to hold onto the thought though – get into the habit. I’ll
come back to that later)

So working out where I want to be.

So very, very important – just so hard to work out!

I’m thinking about it.