Where do I want to be?

Ok, so I need to make a plan. And to make a plan I need to work out
where I want to be.

Let’s look at this in a positive light. If I can work out where I want
to be, i can make a plan to get there. With a plan to get there I will
be more focused on life, more proactive and hopefully more successful
in what I do. That the hope, anyway.

And why shouldn’t it work? i know that if I have a plan, or list of
steps to take I can make them one at a time – taking things slowly.
I’ve already experienced how taking small steps will get you to your
destination – I just need to put that into practice on a regular basis.
Make it habit.

May be that should be my first list item – get into the habit?

Ah, but am I starting to jump the gun a bit – I still don’t have a clue
where I’m headed and that was the first task.

(I’m going to hold onto the thought though – get into the habit. I’ll
come back to that later)

So working out where I want to be.

So very, very important – just so hard to work out!

I’m thinking about it.