Wiping the Stone – Restoring Balance

I had a pretty crumby day yesterday but throughout I had to put on a calm, positive face with a smile or two at the right moment.

It drained me both emotionally and mentally and since then I’ve been trying different a technique for clearing the mind of negative thoughts that impinging on my mind so that I can restore my balance.

Overnight my mind was trying to process something but this was stopping me from sleeping.

I imagined a large stone dripping with water, the water representing the negative thoughts. I could see myself wiping the stone clean and brushing everything to one side, putting it to the side until I was ready to think about it. Each time something impinged on my mind again I would wipe it away.

I fell asleep eventually and through the night continued to wipe the stone when I was roused by my subconscious.

It helped.

Are there any particular methods you use to clear the mind or wipe the stone?