You know you’re busy when…

You know you’re busy when your blog hasn’t been updated in months. Other pressures take your time away from your blog and it’s difficult to fit in time to put together new posts.

I have faced this problem over the last few months and need some way to keep my blog active and current. So in a snatched 5 minutes I’ve mapped out how I might go about this.

I’m not sure I’ll use all of these, but the aim is to keep the blog up to date. Otherwise, what’s this point of it being here?

  • Write more than one piece at a time
  • Break topics into sections
  • Use scheduled posting to cover multiple posts
  • Use empty time
    • Bus
    • Train
    • In the bath/shower
  • Waiting for…
    • Meetings
    • Kettle to boil
    • Bath to run
  • Carry a note pad or just use what ever is handy – Napkin, Cigarette packet
  • Dictaphone
  • Audi boo?
  • Write a big long list – mind dump ideas – Order them – Expand in stages i.e. structure first, filler later
  • Read more – Use link backs to other blogs of interest –
  • Expand on others points
  • Reply to others points and comments (if appropriate)
  • Use guest writers – (but be careful and be honest)